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Fascinating looks at life from an area I'll never get to visit, so I appreciate it. Great job.


Usually I'm impressed both by your documentaries and you photos...this time I'll stick to the photos...I believe it's the first time I see a whole series in black and white and I'm just loving them

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful portraits.


I love the guy posing for you in the last photograph! Nice series.


I am amazed at how thin these folks are. Over here many are over weight

Gérard Méry

la police reprend le sourire sur la dernière ! ! ! !


every single one is a fascinating slice of life; the whole though is superlative.


I like your photos.
There's so much life into it.
I'll definitely include your site in my blogroll.

yiannis krikis

Ilike these life capturing images - excxellent work


i love these series all
you should publish a book of them


exceptional photos again! they have so much life in them.


Great series, Sidney. Pic 3 is a good laugh - bet it was fun shooting so many friendly (and therefore camera-friendly!!) people like this. I think, in the UK, this sort of interaction is all but impossible.

Retro Manila

This is brilliant!

I'm gonna bookmark this page.

I'm definitely loving all the photos.

(Hey, thank you for dropping by. If you need somebody to escort you in your street shoots, send me a note through my blog.)


Love the photos. They are very nice.

Alex's World! -


What is that guy doing in the first photo, playing hide and seek :-)


Grands magasins, petits vendeurs dans les rues, chacun smble y trouver son compte avec le sourire en prime.
la-bas aussi on fume dehors.
J'aime bien ce gay qui semble bouder dans son coin.
Suite au prochain numéro ...

Bonne soirée Sidney


Beautiful B&W images. I always end up smiling after looking at your images. Thanks to smiles you capture on your subjects faces


Jollibee opened its first store in Cubao. I'm wondering then if that's the same store pictured here. The presence of a jeepney on the street makes me assume that that photo was taken at Aurora Boulevard.

I love this series! Thanks. :)


Touts ces échoppes semblent être ouvertes toute la nuit!


your B&W are as beautifull as your colour pictures, congratulations.The mood is extraordinary and the processing gave very softly tonned pictures


Oh, I miss those food stall, especially Jollibee. It is so sad that Michigan don't have Jollibee. :(


the third and last image is what i found really nice.. the interaction you had with the subject is pretty much evident & well handled.. nice shots! :)

Otto K.

cool shots. is the guy in the first image hiding from you? :)


Very cool scenes.


They seem to enjoy having you around and are very comfortable with your snaps. You've captured some fantastic expressions.

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